NIST's guidance for a Zero Trust Architecture


Countering ransomware: A 5-step action plan towards threat detection, backup, and recovery

defend ransomware

Why attend this webinar?

With newer and more sophisticated ransomware strains surfacing by the day, IT teams are finding it increasingly difficult to detect and respond to threats before serious damage is done.

Register for our live webinar where our cyber resiliency expert, Jay Reddy, talks in-depth about why a comprehensive backup and recovery approach is the front line of defense against ransomware attacks for organizations and how businesses can equip themselves with a solution that helps them detect incidents, respond, and recover reliably.

Here’s what you will gain from this webinar:

  • Recent ransomware trends from real-life attacks.
  • The importance of activity monitoring and reporting.
  • How user behavior analytics (UBA) can help spot early signs and potential risks.
  • The benefits of leveraging automated threat response to prevent contamination.
  • The importance of a backup solution with flexible recovery options.
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