NIST's guidance for a Zero Trust Architecture

Active Directory Policies

Force Group Policy Updates

Any changes made to a GPO will take somewhere between 90-120 minutes on domain members and 5 minutes on domain controllers to take effect. To apply the group policies immediately without waiting for the update interval, a command line utility called gpupdate can be used. The following is the syntax used:

gpupdate [/Target:{Computer | User}] [/Force] [/Wait:value] [/Logoff] [/Boot]


[Target:{Computer | User}] – is used to update either the computer configuration or user configuration alone. If Target is not specified, then both configurations are updated.

[/force] – is used to apply all the settings. By default, only the changed settings are applied

[/Wait:value] – is used to set the number of seconds that have to be passed for any policy processing to finish

[/logoff] – logs off the user session from the computer after the policy settings are updated

[/boot] – restarts the computer after the policy settings are updated

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