NIST's guidance for a Zero Trust Architecture

Active Directory Policies

Benefits of Group Policies

Time and Cost Saving

All configuration settings are applied automatically during user logon and computer startup. The settings are applied without needing any user intervention which results in fewer requirements for technicians.

Centralized location for all configurations

Administrators can apply Group Policies to a set of users and computers located in a particular OU or the entire domain, from a centralized location.

Increased Productivity

With Group Policy settings, users are no longer confined to a single work computer. All files and folders with their personalized settings can be made available on all computers.

Enhanced Security

Even with Kerberos authentication and access control technologies, a user account can still be compromised, if a malicious user comes to know about the user password. To prevent this, AD has a range of password and account lockout policies that will keep the user account safe from any attacks.

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